La Fattoria Countrylife Style

Fattoria di Monti is a farm of 300 hectares (600 acres) located in the beautiful southern hills of Pisa in the Volterra region. Gentle hills and open valleys combine with a mild climate that never experiences spring frost and benefits from the Mediterranean breeze. The sea that used to cover this region in ancient times left some areas rich in, minerals with soils predominantly sand and silt and an abundant admixture of alluvial pebbles, fossils and mineral-rich marine sediments. The average altitude is 150 meters with very open terrain.

Here the owners raise cattle, (il mucco Pisano), horses, and grow wheat and hay. Many old olive trees are cultivated in the traditional way and the owners pay particular attention to producing the best possible quality 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In 2006 a little vineyard of one-acre was planted with the old Sangiovese grape and soon will be produced the first wine. The surrounding landscape is gently rolling hills carpeted with verdant fields between wooded areas where the livestock grazes wild and in winter time hunters with their hunting dogs go shooting pheasants and grey partridge.

On the ridges cypress lines delineate the borders of the property. The original owners were the count Bardi, a relative of the well-known Florentine Medici’ family. In the middle of the estate, on top of a hill and at the end of a tree-lined road is Villa Monti. Historians think that the architect Buontalenti designed and built the villa over ancient ruins. This impressive renaissance Villa was built in the middle of the XVI century as a hunting stay for sportsmen and city politicians. There are many very suggestive old stories about the Bardi’s: some legends tell of ghosts wandering in the villa and riding white horses in the countryside around, especially in winter when it snows.